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My Story

Georgia Zaslove, better known by her loved ones and colleagues as Georgia Jacobson, is the author of crime drama and legal thriller, Spirit of the Law: And the Crime Against the Soul.

She grew up reading Charles Dickens, Margaret Mitchell and anything else she could get her hands on. Inspired by their works, she knew from the age of 12 that she, too, wanted to pursue a career as an author. 

However, her path led her on a unique journey of professional and personal milestones that would, ultimately, greatly shape her writing career.

After acquiring an Associate in Arts (AA) degree in Interior Design and building a successful career working in commercial interior design, Georgia met and married an attorney from Memphis, Tennessee. They worked together in his law firm for seven years, where she acquired a significant interest in trial and criminal law. She also worked in Memphis’ music scene for three years managing music publishing companies and doing public relations work, such as writing musician bios, publicity articles, etc. Georgia later made a name for herself in Los Angeles, where she continued her work as an Interior Designer for 15 years. Throughout these experiences, Georgia also gained unique cultural and spiritual insight through world travel and her studies of history, religion and the paranormal. Ultimately, she returned to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, where she currently resides, to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

The Book

Georgia has always been a people-watcher, fascinated with why people do and feel the way they do—always listening, observing and using what she learns to develop characters in her mind. Georgia Zaslove brings such characters to life in her crime novel and legal thriller, Spirit of the Law: And the Crime Against the Soul. This Southern fiction, set in Memphis, TN in 1993, invites readers on a thrilling and compelling journey of mystery, law, love and the paranormal.

Spirit of the Law: And the Crime Against the Soul is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and LifeRich Publishing. You can also buy a signed copy by sending us an email through the contact page.


Reading ‘Spirit of the Law’ was like savoring a delicious meal. Spiced with well written and compelling characters and a riveting story. I enjoyed how every chapter drew me into the next one.  Once I started reading, it was difficult to put aside because I couldn’t wait to see how this unique story unfolded.  Zaslove has crafted a very satisfying murder mystery that was impossible to predict. Loved it!

– Stephanie Warren

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Georgia’s book launch will be done via Facebook live to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy during this time. Be sure to follow her page for updates. 

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